ShellFl0w – Requirements

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ShellFl0w is not just a “course”, it’s not just a documentation, ShellFl0w is just a project.
If we take a look at the past, we can notice that hacking has been spread through newspapers, and in a few years, they have been able to reach the apex of popularity.
Today, instead, buying magazines is not always a producer, as the cause is poor content and invasive advertising.
Searching in the midst of that vast world that is the internet, I have not been able to find any content, even those who could offer great content.

ShellFl0w is intended as a remedy to this.

What you should arm yourself with:

Basic knowledge:

Assembly, C, and Python (Customer Development)
JavaScript, PHP and HTML (Web Development)
Network and System Administrator:
Router, Switch, IDS, IPS and much more.
In this column we see some concepts and examples that we can learn through:

CCNA (routing and switching)
Linux Professional Institute
Windows Server, AD, and Domain Controllers

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