ShellFl0w – Introduction to hacker culture

ALERT: If there are grammatical errors or logical errors, please let us know, thank you.

The great amount of information that the internet represents is a source of extreme confusion, rather a blatant expression of ideas.
ShellFl0w is a continuous development project that takes you to the knowledge of underground hackers.
But definitely, for implicit reasons, the course will be deliberately advanced and will require a top-down study for each subject, so as to avoid erroneous data management.

ShellFl0w will allow you to first understand the ethics and then execute a certain Hack.
Neb as rapporteur, make always studies to CyberSecurity, and this course is a report of these.
And with Hacker, this course (in general freenixsecurity) does not mean to attack a site, but the interest in disassembling things, to understand the operation, and then play it over.

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